This or That

This or That

Recently I was reading Runner’s World magazine and in the back of each issue is a section called “How to Be a Runner” that asks a series of questions to well know or even every-day runners that helps give us a greater insight into their runner related thoughts and ideas.

I thought I would give it a shot and answer the same “This or That” questions Courtney Dauwalter did in the winter 2023 edition. Here it goes.

    1. Uphill Downhill
    2. Altitude Humidity
    3. Long Shorts Short Shorts
    4. Race → Training
    5. Wave Nod
    6. Group → Solo
    7. Loops Out-and-Backs
    8. Cross-Train Day Off
    9. Sun Shade
    10. Race Plan Intuition
    11. Snack Meal
    12. Early Morning → Late Night
    13. Hat Sunglasses
    14. PR FKT
    15. Rain Snow
    16. Pants → Tights
    17. Smile Grimace
    18. Patience → Push
    19. Chatting → Silence
    20. Zoning Out Dialing In
    21. Caffeine Adrenaline

      Let Me Explain:

      (1) I’m just a better ascender than descender. Most trail races I’m passing on the way up and being passed on the way down. (3) Board shorts all the time training and occasional running short shorts for “A” races. (5) I’ll wave and nod! (6) Training with a partner and running with my local running club are invaluable and I incorporate them into almost every training block, but most runs I prefer the solo adventure. (13) I wear both, but really cannot run without a hat. (14) Not fast enough for FKTs. (15) Around here it’s all rain. (16) Not a tights person so when I need some compression and warmth, I’ll wear my boardshorts over the tights. (20) I prefer to “sleep run” as I call it.

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